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True greatness
is not always
in the small things.

In the potwal-workshop high above the Rhine valley, Barbara Rein spends weeks crafting each of her over sized ceramic pots by hand. potwals can reach a diameter of up to 2,4 meters.

No potwal is like another. Each one is unique, created by playing with shape, color and surface. All potwals are fired in a huge kiln at 1200°. They are made of clay, are winter proof after firing, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


potwals are ceramic pieces. They are also suitable as plant pots for trees, decorative plants, fruit and vegetables, and as water bowls for water lilies. On terraces and in gardens, the potwals defy the wind and weather, snow and ice, and therefore enjoy the freedom to get a patina over the years.

She produces her potwals
alone and plants them with an experienced gardener.

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Vorplatz Klostergasse 1
6850 Dornbirn | Vorarlberg


+43 664 8229552


+43 664 8229552